Climax’s Role in the Clean Energy Economy

At Climax Molybdenum Company, we take sustainability seriously. From sponsoring the cleanup of legacy mining sites, to supporting biodiversity and conservation through our work with the Wildlife Habitat Council, to developing innovative solutions for waste management, we pride ourselves on being responsible community partners. We invest in the long-term sustainability of the communities we serve, and that means keeping our sights set on viable futures for our operations and products.

Molybdenum has many uses, including in the production of longer-lasting, recyclable stainless steel, and it’s a critical component for enhancing the safety of many types of transportation, construction and agricultural needs. It is also an essential material for the production of wind turbines and solar panels due to its toughness, wear resistance and weldability.

As we all work toward reducing the impacts of climate change and protecting our environment, shifting to a clean energy system that will reduce carbon emissions will rely heavily on the production of molybdenum. We value our critical role in the clean energy economy and powering the future.