Forbes Just 100 2019: Freeport-McMoRan Recognized as Leader In Just Behavior

By Maggie McGrath, Forbes Staff


In ranking the 2019 Just 100, Forbes and Just Capital analyzed America’s largest publicly-traded companies based on how they performed in seven key areas: worker treatment, customer treatment, product quality, environmental impact, community treatment, job creation and quality of leadership. This number-crunching didn’t only create a top 100 overall; each of these seven categories has, within it, a top 100. Here’s a look at the Just 100 members that cracked the top spot in each of these categories:

#1 in community treatment: Freeport-McMoRan

In 2016, the copper giant spent $500 million building water supply and sewage treatment plants near its mine in Arequipa, Peru, a city of 860,000 which had been dumping its raw sewage into a nearby river. In 2016, Freeport tripled milling capacity at its mine there. Bill Cobb, head of business sustainability, candidly describes the sewage plant as a way to capture a “social license to operate” the enlarged mine and notes that the expansion wasn’t stymied by protests–a growing problem for mining projects around the world.


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This article originally appeared in Forbes on December 10, 2018.