Climax Hosts Stakeholder Meeting on Water Standard

In the spirit of open communication and transparency with our valued stakeholders, we hosted a public stakeholder meeting in January to discuss the development of Colorado’s water quality standard for molybdenum.

Climax is committed to supporting the health and sustainability of the communities in which we operate, and that means being responsible stewards of the air, land and water. As such, we have consistently supported water standards based on best available science. We conduct consistent, voluntary water testing with certified experts and provide transparent data to communities.

Colorado’s current molybdenum standard is outdated and based on debunked science. Climax has been working with stakeholders for more than a decade to address the uncertainty about this standard and plan for the future. We will continue our outreach through this newsletter, stakeholder meetings, our website ( and other avenues as we plan for a timely hearing on the molybdenum standard by the Water Quality Control Commission.

View our presentation from the January meeting and learn more about Colorado’s water quality standard for molybdenum.